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Nice to find such a series on All-padded-Up. Will look forward to more such disagreements.

Although I can agree with you that, it's wrong to ask Dhoni to step down from T20 captaincy alone; I feel Dhoni should be made accountable for what he did and; if found in mistake, can be made to pay the price; loss of captaincy included.

I feel Straight Point is quite right when he said; Dhoni has started taking his Midas touch image, fed to him by Media since 2007, way too seriously. In the recently concluded WC, Dhoni took some decisions which, as you said were really stupid, say for itself, the magnitude of his folly. And for that any reprimand, that can even include stripping him of his captaincy, as doable option.


As, cricket is not just a game or a passion in the country; it also represents an entity (business) which earns crores. If as a key functionary, a captain can't be made accountable in tangible ways. Then how can one expect the cricket as an entity progress in the country?

Secondly, if Dhoni has taken some visibly stupid (as you mentioned in your post) or non-researched decisions; then how can one expect such a person to lead an entity which has an annual turnover worth in hundreds of crores?

I think, some among us have taken the "Dhoni should not be the captain of T20 format" in a too literal manner; when the actual point made, was the desire to fix accountability in some form on Dhoni, after T20 WC debacle. Again, some among us will say that he has performed well, prior to the world cup; but if there are visible signs of non-researched and fancy decision making even once in a big tournament; then isn't it be taken as an abnormality for cricket in the country.

As, it's alright to lose even after implementing researched and well thought out strategies; but losing even a single game with fanciful decision making, needs some serious boardroom scrutiny and if the need be, polite requests to quit.


straight point said...

anil... i think you are talking from memory for dhoni taking midas touch to seriously... it was megha who said it... i didn't say it... :)

Soulberry said...

Research is a funny thing Bisht ji, especially in sports. In sports the outcome decides how good the research least in perception. No amount of research and brainstorming and strategizing is good enough if their implementation fails to deliver the desired outcomes.

Innovation is welcome...but it should allow for continuous feedback and timely modulation of the inspiration to prevent innovation from being merely a mad science.

The team is as much to blame as Dhoni himself is. Selectors too...

A Bisht said...

@straightpoint__________No SP, I just said your Midas touch assertion, only in some more words. Ya I remember, Megha has actually said similar words.

A Bisht said...

@soulberry_________Sorry for the delayed response. But as you have raised some weighty points; so I thought jumping in to reply, will not be good.

soul, no one can dispute that winning, matters, not only in sports but in most aspects of life. But I think, in our country, we rely too much on destiny and give too much importance to genius.

But no matter, how well one desires win, there's a systematic approach to it.

As at the end of the day, in today's world it's not the luck or individual genius; but the more scientific and research based enhancements that are helping people or teams rise from the rest.

If America or China, are excelling in Olympics, they are doing so, as they train their athletes on the basis of research based programs. If a sprinter, has to finish a race, a fraction of a second faster than his/her opponent, then more scientific information need to be gathered on his/her stance, time of sprint and other small but important actions.

As you said, innovation is welcome; i agree with you too. But the level of innovation is different in different games. And in some games,especially in team games, it's sticking to some basic research based information, that is enough to get results consistently.

But,still some countries better use the research based info, which is at disposal of most the teams; better than others. Why? as the successful users are using them, without being distracted by factors like luck and genius.

Some among us will say that, I'm too critical of India, or pakistan. But following are some of the factors which compel me to think that our dependance on belief on individual genius and luck is nothing but surprisingly audacious:

1) even after having the selector system in lace for many decades now; why does the lot still think that an unfit Yuvraj Singh is better than some fit player?

2) why can't our bowlers sill struggle with their line and length?

3) Why do some of players, known for good fielding, show flashes of brilliance.

4) Why we still have to make our mind, how many bowlers are needed in playing eleven?

5) Why is our team not seen as a consistently great fielding side?

6) Australia, won and dominated every format of the game for a decade and a half; Why India got content after winning the inaugural T20 WC ?

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