Response to Allpadded up's statistical celebration of IPL3

shared by A bisht on Monday, March 29, 2010

Going by the stats that you have mentioned in your statistical celebration of IPL3 ... i think IPL3 is indeed affecting the TV industry.

But just to add to the wonderful debate that you initiated, I think there're reasons, other than those you mentioned, behind this surge in IPL3 popularity; and statistics that you shared, point to something beyond the face value.

In simple, I think, there's is more to the IPL3's success than what meets the eye.

One among these is the shrewd marketing brain of Mr Lalit Modi. Mr Modi, knows discreetly when and what to say. He also knows what not to say, and if he can't say something through his own own mouth; he knows how to arrange someone else's.

So auctioning the two new teams during IPL3, has added to the IPL buzz. If a new team manages to get a price tag three times the whole sales money of the first auction, some short term interest is bound to arrive.So it can't be said for sure that, IPL4 will break all records or it's the cricket which as a game is winning.

That apart, the ever unsettled points tally has also contributed to the IPL3. What would have happened if the teams which have won at the beginning, had continued their winning spree. then I'm sure, 30 percent of IPL fans would have started contributing to non-sport TV channel ratings.

I agree, with you Sachin, is indeed one of the main contributing factors to IPL3.

But I still suspect, the stat which says, soap audience may have surrendered their ground to IPL3. Mind you they (the soap audience) knows all tactics to remain in game.

Thanks Ankit for giving me an opportunity to respond. It's your painstaking research that made the response possible.

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Paresh said...

IPL is surely the Ruler even in case of the TVRS and there is no two ways about it. The soap goes on for years and they gain their ground when the entertaining cricket is not there.

straight point said...

welcome anil at sp... hope to see more of you at your own pace... :)

yes, i agree with you... lalit do know what to say (apart from minor blips) and how to make other say...

ipl is not stopping anywhere its just going at one direction and that is up... and i believe some glitches will be taken care of as it will progress remember the child is just into its third year and its been already compared to the one who are existing since long time...

another interesting point is that soap opera are not going anywhere... ladies do know how to work around ipl and from my own home experience i can certainly say they are not missing even a single episode of the serials they follow... so i don't think tv industry have to fear... :)

Ankit Poddar said...


thanks for the wonderful exposure you have provided to Brandistics - which is an All Padded Up baby...

straight point said...

ap... the pleasure is all ours for thinking its a wonderful exposure... :)

A Bisht said...

@Straightpoint Thank you, it's an honour to write here.

Regarding your comment, pl read this:

A Bisht said...

@allpaddedup Ankit as i said, it's your write-up which made for the response.

hope to see more such write-ups from you. And we'll keep responding.

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